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Where to Start When Looking For the Right Dental Hygienist

There is the right dental hygienist out there that will be the perfect fit for your dental practice, so be sure not to give up too soon. This hygienist should be professional by showing up on time, knowing what they are doing, and by having a good relationship with others who work in your office. A good rapport with your patients is also a very valuable quality for any dental hygienist. New patients will form their opinions about the boss, simply by how their employees act. This goes especially true for a dental office.

To that end, read on to discover some tips on how to find the right dental hygienist to make your office shine.

Put an Ad in the Local Newspaper: With unemployment rates so high, there’s a good likelihood that there’s an out of work dental hygienist in your area who’s constantly checking the Sunday edition of the local newspaper for any dental office job listings. A person who has been unemployed for a while, may even feel as if you have come to their rescue. Ad’s in the local newspaper are usually pretty inexpensive and can yield great results. However, there is no need to just post in the Sunday edition. Your chances of finding the perfect person for your office, increase if you choose to place a daily ad as well.

Another popular place to start is by placing an advertisement into a trade publication. Since they are typically free and are found by consumers in many different grocery stores or gas stations, you will get great exposure. The increased exposure will give you a better chance of the right person seeing your ad. While going about their daily job hunt, many people seek out these publications. The added exposure will outweigh any minimal costs that are associated with the ad.

Keep in mind that your search may take weeks or even months, so keep your ad running throughout the duration. Each run helps with your search for finding the right person for your open position.

Online Job Boards: Finally, you can turn to online job boards to attract a good dental hygienist to your dental office. You have to pay something to post on some job boards, while others cost nothing. The greatest part about putting the internet to use for your search of a dental hygienist is that you’re contending with thousands of people seeking employment.

The bad thing about it is that you can’t know if any of these applicants is a decent match. Of course, that is the point of the interview process. At least you’ll be able to use the online job boards as a way to let applicants know you’re hiring so they can hopefully win you over into hiring them. To find the perfect hygienist for your practice, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Your business will prosper when you put in the effort to find the perfect dental hygienist for your office.

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