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Chiropractic Treatments for Lower Back Pain


The misalignment in our spines can cause severe back pains. A malfunction in our spines are very dangerous and prevents our body from responding correctly. Chiropractic is a form of healthcare which is done naturally to correct this misalignment and help the nervous system to function properly. The manual therapy of Chiropractic helps our bodies to heal naturally.

Chiropractic Treatments

The standard treatment for back pains is the Chiropractic Adjustments. The Chiropractic Adjustments involves a high-speed, and a short lever arm thrust applied on the vertebra. The pressure is the joints are released, and this causes gasses like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide to be released.

The Chiropractic procedure does not involve any surgery or drugs instead it involves natural treatment which is said to improve the misalignments in the spine.

The following are the topics you will be reading in the article:

  • Spinal Manipulation and manual Manipulation.
  • Mobilization.
  • Exercise and Chiropractic therapy.

Spinal Manipulation and manual Manipulation:

The Spinal Manipulation and manual Manipulation is also known as Chiropractic adjustments is a process where short lever arm thrust gets applied with very high velocity to the affected vertebra where the misalignment has occurred. The procedure reduces the nerve irritability and slowly restores the range of motion in the back. This process is said to have a relieving sensation in most cases, but in some situations, there has been slight discomfort reported. The pain reported is due to the muscle spasms.


Mobilization is the process of applying low pressure in the affected vertebra where the misalignment has occurred. Slow movement and stretching the muscles and joints to relax the muscles. The movement causes action in the muscles and joints and heals the misalignment.

There are three mobilization methods:

Activator method:

Activator is a hand-held device which provides a weak force impulse. The patient is made to lie down facing downwards, and the Chiropractor elevates the leg, and muscle gets tested.

Cox Flexion-distraction:

A gentle stretch provided on the lower back on the spine brings relaxation.  Similar pressure is applied over the affected area for the pain to subside.

Toggle Drop:

The chiropractor crosses his or her hand and applies high pressure on the misalignment area of the spine. When pressure is applied, the table falls to a level and comes back up.

Release work:

Pressure is applied gently using the fingertips in this procedure. The mild pressure released the misalignment in the bones.

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT):

The process uses wedges or blocks. These wedges and blocks kept under the pelvic region allow gravity and additional pressure applied externally to subside the pain.

Exercise and Chiropractic therapy:

Simple exercises can reduce the pain caused in the back and also strengthens the lower back area. Exercises have been a healing treatment for many ailments. Aerobic exercises can be done to have better digestion and for proper blood circulation. A brisk walking can help your muscles to be healthier and stronger. If you do not have time for doing exercises, then small house hold works can be an alternative to that or if you are in North Carolina area you can avail the services of a legit Cary chiropractor to help you with your therapy.

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