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Stress Headaches–How to Make Them Go Away

Stress headaches, especially in our fast paced society, are incredibly common and sure it’s possible to fix them with aspirin or other pain relievers but it’s better to search for a permanent solution. If you only get a headache once in a while, that’s not a big problem, but if stress headaches are something that you frequently suffer from, you should try to find the cause. If your headaches are severe you should consult with a doctor, but you may also find some of the following remedies helpful.

Aromatherapy is just one method that is simple and yet effective for treating stress headaches. If you haven’t yet given it a chance yet, you’re probably wondering how smells can stop headaches but the simple fact is that our brains actually do respond to different smells and the correct one can have quite a relaxing effect and can even stop pain. Peppermint oil, while one of the best scents for curing headaches is also the most affordable. Sandalwood, lavender and eucalyptus have also proven to be quite effective. You can buy various devices for spreading the fragrance of essential oils around a room, but you can also get the benefits simply by sniffing the bottle or putting a couple of drops on your wrists and forehead. You should try different fragrances and find out which ones work best for you.

A fast headache cure is a cold glass of a caffeinated beverage such as iced coffee or tea. Caffeine can also help you reduce the size of the blood vessels that are making the tension headache happen as does the coolness of the beverage. Yet you have to be careful about depending on this technique, as consuming too much caffeine can also cause headaches in the long run, as you start to experience withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t had your “fix.” So if you are having bad tension headaches, cold caffeinated beverages might help but you also need to think about lowering your stress levels and the other factors that might be causing your headaches.

Do you wear things on or around your head; because doing so can add to your headaches. A headband is obvious as a culprit but even things like sunglasses, headphones, hats and helmets can cause unneeded tension in those areas. Some people get what are called external compression headaches which are headaches caused by pressure around the head. Something might not feel uncomfortable when you put it on but it can still constrict the blood flow when you let it stay on for a long time. Check out massage therapy Cary professionals to learn more about relaxation techniques.

There are a lot of treatments for stress headaches, some of which have been outlined here. The most obvious cure for stress headaches is to reduce stress but that can be quite difficult to do. It is still, however, something to focus on because stress is terrible on the body; headaches are just one of the problems.

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