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How to Use Superfoods to Help Prevent Cancer

If you think about superfoods, and the research that has been done, one would think that some agreements would be made in regard to what works, and what doesn’t. In reality, you will find that there is very little empirical data that can show the tie between cancer and superfoods. The medical community, despite this lack of specific data, will not actually denounce superfoods and the role in the fight against cancer. By comparing potential risk factors and lifestyle patterns of people that have cancer, they make comparisons based upon this data instead.

When you prepare food, oftentimes you’ll use beans for the dish, regardless of whether it is for lunch or dinner. Beans are often chosen for specific dishes, and there are so many to use. The combination of fiber and prebiotic qualities within beans make them very useful as a superfood, and also great for your overall system. Beans also have quite a bit of vitamin A and C, which is good for you. Vitamins A and C have each been studied by multiple scientists, showing that they can adversely affect cancer. As a side note, beans provide you with good amounts of protein which only adds to the overall healthy profile of this food.

Beta carotene, which is a type of Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that has powerful anti-cancer properties. And we’ve all heard about how rich carrots are in vitamin A; they provide you with over 3 times the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A.

Aside from their high beta carotene content, carrots also supply your body with lots of healthy fiber. Carrots supply your intestines with prebiotic fiber, which helps maintain the healthy bacteria in that region. One very healthy dish to eat with or in between meals would be a mixture of carrots and cabbage. This would provide you with a day’s worth of fiber and help you maintain regularity.

We have already discussed how great berries taste, and also how cancer prevention is possible if you eat them regularly. Cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries should also be put on this list. That is not an exhaustive list but that’s enough to keep you busy eating delicious snacks. Fiber, vitamin C and also “ellagic acid” can be found in berries as well. Instrumental in preventing skin cancer in some people, this antioxidant acid has shown great promise. Remember that the phytochemicals found in these foods are not minerals or vitamins. Phytochemicals are also polyphenols which from which powerful antioxidant are derived. Preventing cancer can be done, but you have to know what superfoods to take on a regular basis. For more health tips check out hormone replacement therapy Raleigh NC professionals.

Whether you go on the Internet, or if you read the newspaper, success stories revolving these foods come out week after week. Cancer treatments have come a long way. They used to be a mandatory death sentence which was painful and full of despair. Any doctor worth their weight in gold will certainly have a patient do both traditional and natural treatments for their cancer if that is what they are diagnosed with.

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