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As the fastest growing consumer health information site with 65 million monthly visitors, our mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. Nowadays people face a lot of health issues. Some are common problems among many people and some problems are due to people's work stress and pressure. Even the smaller kids now facing problems like tooth cavity, eye sight and so on. These are due to malnutrition and their habits. Research fellows say that now eye sight is the major problem among children.

Chronic Stress Management Strategies You Need to Know

When you want to overcome chronic stress, you really have to take action on a daily basis. Depending on what’s causing your stress, you may have to take a variety of different actions. As illogical as this may seem, your...

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How the Right Dieting Approaches Can Help You Achieve Natural Health

It’s a pretty good bet that everybody wants to be healthy and to look good. But for some reason this is where things are going to part ways because people aren’t usually able to get more natural health through dieting....

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How Consuming More Water Might Improve Your Health

Water is among the most crucial needs your body has, and you simply cannot survive long without it. Yet we should not be drinking just enough water to survive, but enough to keep us in good health. If you would...

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Our clinic is known for the quality of service we provide to our clientele. The hearing aids we offer are adjusted according to your specific needs with the best aids.

Comfortable Clinic

We are one of the most innovative clinics with comfortable dental-orthodontic offices, a diagnostic laboratory with a panoramic X-ray machine and an operating unit.


Electrotherapy includes a range of treatments using electricity to reduce pain, improve circulation, repair tissues, strengthen muscles, and promote bone growth, leading to improvements in physical functioning.

Hyperesthesia is an increased sensitivity to the stimuli. It could be elevated sensation of touch, hearing, smell or vision for instance. Increased touch sensitivity is called tactile sensitivity or tactile defensiveness while auditory sensitivity is the name given to increased sound sensation.
A congenital disorder, also known as the birth defect, is a condition existing at or before birth regardless of cause. Of these disorders, those characterized by structural deformities are termed "congenital anomalies" and involve defects in a developing fetus.
A bulging disc injury is a common spine injury sustained to your spine's intervertebral disc. It can occur in your lumbar spine (lower back), thoracic spine (upper and mid-back) or your cervical spine (neck). A bulging disc can commonly be referred to as a slipped disc or a protruding disc.
The lumbar spine refers to the lower back, where the spine curves inward toward the abdomen. ... The lumbar spine's lowest two spinal segments, L4-L5 and L5-S1, which include the vertebrae and discs, bear the most weight and are therefore the most prone to degradation and injury.

What We Provide

We provide primary care services as well as specialty consults. We encourage you to build a relationship with one of our healthcare providers. The professional will become acquainted with you and your family, including your health history and habits. In addition, we have convenient access to some of the top specialty care physicians and services in the region. We will work with you to coordinate all of your medical care.

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